8 Designer Pastel Lehenga Designs for Your Wedding 2024

Pastel Lehengas designs are for Wedding Brides that show beautiful dresses for brides. Pastel Lehenga designs have been ranging from the past few years; they are soft and pretty perfect for  pastel lehenga weddings. These lehengas come in fancy Indian dresses, in all sorts of lovely pastel shades like pink, mint green and baby blue. Each pastel color lehenga for the bride is adorned with intricate designs and embellishments to make the bride look like a princess on her wedding day. This pastel lehenga for weddings is a magical collection of dresses to help brides shine brightly on their special day. 

Top 8 Pastel Lehenga Designs for Brides To Be

1. Varun Chakkilam Tea Rose Pink Chandelier Lehenga Set

pastel color lehenga for bride

Step into a world of elegance and charm with this Varun Chakkilam Tea Rose Chandelier Lehenga pastel color lehenga for the bride. It’s a really special dress for a fancy occasion which has lots of pink and sparkles with metallic glass beads and flat sequins just like a chandelier. This pastel lehenga is something you would wear to feel like a princess. You can add some accessories like a necklace and bracelets of diamonds to complete your look. 

2. Neha Khullar Blue Banarasi Lehenga

pastel lehenga designs

Imagine Neha Khullar gliding into a room like a graceful swan in her stunning blue Banarasi pastel lehenga. The lehenga is made of organza Banarasi silk fabric with intricate designs woven into the fabric that shimmer and shine. The pastel lehenga designs have zari, sequins embroidery work all over the lehenga. When you wear this it’s a timeless beauty of traditional Indian Culture.

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3. Silky Bindra Beige Net Lehenga

pastel lehenga for wedding

Picture yourself in a Silky Bindra Net pastel lehenga set wearing a beige lehenga that seems stepping into the spotlight. This lehenga is Tulle Floral Embroidered Corset with 3 Tiered Crystal Embellished with a delicate veil of elegance with pastel lehenga designs. The Lehenga has tiny sparkles catching the eye like stars in the night sky. When you move the lehenga sways gently adding a touch of magic to her every step. It is paired with an embroidered border dupatta pastel lehenga for wedding outfits.

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4. Parul Gandhi Jade Lehenga

Lehenga in pastel shades

Are you a bride? Try this Parul Gandhi Jade pastel lehenga for weddings. It’s stunning that catches everyone’s attention. The pastel color bridal lehenga is like a lush forest on a sunny day. This Lehenga is green in color with heavily embellishments by using pearls and glass beads with floral motifs and a geometric blouse is paired with it. The fabric of the lehenga is soft to touch with intricate designs all over it. When you wear this pastel lehenga you will look like a true princess from a fairy tale. 

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5. Parul Gandhi Lilac Rose Lehenga Set

pastel color bridal lehenga

Imagine a beautiful outfit called Lilac Rose Lehenga set. The lehenga is adorned with intricate pastel lehenga designs that resemble the petals of rose. It is a dreamy net lehenga embroidered with mixed 3d sequins and crystals. The outfit has a off shoulder neckline blouse with embroidery work in ruffle detail coker style dupatta. This pastel color lehenga for the bride is beautiful which adds a touch of elegance to her as a bride on her special day

6. Parul Gandhi Cleopatra Lehenga

pastel color lehenga for bride

In a swirl of real elegance try this Parul Gandhi Cleopatra pastel lehenga set. The color is rich with deep gold and the fabric is soft and smooth that looks like a Lehenga in pastel shades. It’s a dreamy foil printed skirt with embroidery all over the lehenga and it has delicate  embroidery work on the blouse which is paired with a dupatta. Everyone stares at you when you wear this pastel color lehenga for the bride and present in front of everyone.

7. Tamaraa by Tahani Nicole Yellow Lehenga Set

pastel lehenga designs

Imagine wearing a Tamaraa by Tahani Nicole Yellow pastel lehenga. It’s a floral corset lehenga which is bright and cheerful. The pastel color bridal lehenga is vibrant yellow, making everyone stand out in the crowd. Lehenga is adorned with delicate designs that sparkles in the light, which adds a touch of magic. It has a cape set which makes her look like a graceful princess. This outfit is bright, spreading happiness when you wear pastel colored lehenga for the bride.

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8. Tamaraa by Tahani Coffee Meher Lehenga

pastel lehenga for wedding

Presenting Tamaraa by Tahani Coffee Meher pastel lehenga Set. The color is rich brown just like your favorite coffee. The lehenga is adorned with floral handcrafted pastel lehenga designs all over it that adds a touch of elegance to your look. It is paired with a ruffle tulle dupatta to complete pastel lehenga for wedding as a bride feels a sense of warmth and comfort after wearing it. 


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