Different Types of Necklaces Designs Everyone Should Know

There are different types of necklaces designs; some feature simple designs like single chain necklaces while others may contain gemstones, beads, beads and pendants for additional style and flair. Necklaces remain cherished accessories that allow us to express ourselves and complete an outfit, whether formal attire or everyday clothing. Everyone should know about different kinds of necklaces so they can select one to match different functions within ceremonies and complete their look using this key ornament. Therefore, this blog will examine different types of necklace designs suitable for various events – stay tuned!

List of 8 Different Types of Necklace Styles 2024

  • Statement Necklace Set
  • Layered Necklace Set
  • Kundan Necklace Set
  • Coller Necklaces Set
  • Long Necklaces Sets
  • Pendant Necklaces Sets
  • Choker Necklace Set
  • Pearl Necklace Set

  1. Statement Necklace Set
  2. This necklace set with diamonds will make you feel special  when you wear it. Featuring a white finish necklace encrusted with white and aqua diamante stones, made of alloy metal. These types of necklace designs included are matching earrings covered with diamond stones to complete this set for special events and parties alike.

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  3. Layered Necklace Sets
  4. Types of Necklaces

    House of aesha triple layer rose pink necklace set is an eye-catching jewellery set designed to make you stand out in any crowd. Featuring three tiers adorned with elegant and beautiful rose pink gemstones that exudes elegance and uniqueness. Paired with matching earrings for added style, this set makes an impactful impression at any special occasion!

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  5. Kundan Necklace Set
  6. Types of Necklaces Designs

    Add this impressive kundan necklace set to your jewellery collection and shine at any ethnic event. Designed in traditional indian kundan style, this types of jewellery includes an eye-catching necklace and matching earrings with intricate patterns designed to make you look fancy yet elegant – adding a touch of glamor and tradition to your ensemble.

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  7. Coller Necklaces Set
  8. Types of Necklaces

    The dugran by dugristyle red pearl necklace is an exquisite jewellery set which adds style and color to any ensemble. Crafted with red pearls, green, blue, and white gemstones as well as kundan plating for plating purposes; red pearls add vibrancy while its stylish appearance is sure to turn heads! Also referred to as choker as this set has an adjustable chain and free size size option available.

  9. Long Necklace Set
  10. Types of Necklaces Designs

    The dugran by dugri style yellow pearl necklace set is an eye-catching necklace set that adds a cheerful element to any ensemble. Crafted with yellow pearls for an eye-catching and happy look, this types of necklace can brighten any special event or just help brighten up your day! Using kundan pearls, natural stones and faux yellow sapphire stones as its materials – wear this vibrant set in any gatherings such as family celebrations to add elegance.

  11. Pendant Necklaces Sets
  12. Types of Necklaces for Women

    Mon tresor white fusion solitaire with baroque drop earrings are stunning jewellery sets designed to make you feel special. Each set includes a stunning necklace featuring baroque pearl and cubic zirconia pendants as well as eye-catching solitaire stones for maximum impact and wearability. These different types of necklace are ideal for special events like parties or simply to feel extra special looks on any day!

  13. Choker Necklace Set
  14. Different Types of Necklaces

    Joules by radhika polki offers elegant bridal choker sets that are crafted with captivating hydro polkis, green agate beads, and hydro emeralds this set creates a harmonious display of grace. This type of jewellery adds an exquisite touch to your special day and helps make you shine brightly like a star!

  15. Pearl Necklace Set
Different Types of Necklaces

A red gold tone pearl necklace set is an exquisite piece of jewellery that is designed to make an impressionable statement and complement any ensemble. This set consists of a necklace and matching earrings which combine style and modern looks. Crafted with brass, polki and pearl materials to give an eye-catching finish and boasting gold tone detailing for added opulence. These types of necklaces make a great choice for events, weddings and gatherings.

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