Different Types of Salwar Suits for Every Occasion

Women from India and other countries have always preferred salwar suits as an ethnic clothing option, due to their wide variety of designs, colors, patterns and comfort features. Due to evolving fashion trends, different types of salwar suits are now widely available and can help update your wardrobe by giving a new flair and dimension to your style.

This blog will introduce you to some of the newest salwar styles and different types of salwar suit designs yet unexplored by many ladies. Let’s dive deeper into an ocean filled with hidden and underrated gems so that we can broaden your wardrobe collection of salwar suits!

Here are Some Latest and Different Types of Salwar Suit Design

  1. Tempting Anarkali Suit Style
  2. Riveting Sharara Suit Sets
  3. Lehenga Style Salwar Suit Sets
  4. Adorable Sharara Salwar Suit Styles
  5. Effortless Afghani Salwar Style Suit
  6. Gorgeous Straight Cut Style Salwar
  7. Exquisite Frock Salwar Suit Style
  8.  Special Angrakha Style Suit Sets 
  9. Emerging Jacket Salwar Suit Style
  10. Special High Low Salwar Suit Style

Tempting Anarkali Suit Style

different types of salwar suit

Anarkali suit sets are great fashionable attires for women of various ages and sizes, you can dress them up or down according to occasion. Named after legendary dancer Anarkali himself, and these suits make a great statement when you adorn it.  Anarkali Suits, frequently made from luxurious materials like silk, chiffon, georgette and embellished with beadwork, embroidery on  kameez perfectly to capture the essence of grandeur and royalty – perfect for striking photos or events! This you can have in different types of suit sets for various occasions and this outfit is a must have outfit in your wardrobe. 

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Riveting Sharara Suit Sets

different types of salwar suit

Sharara suit sets come with various designs and embellishments, from occasional to daily wear. Women wear them on various occasions due to the versatility they possess: Shararas, flowy pants with layers, and a kurta can all come together seamlessly with an optional dupatta for a sophisticated look with matching dupatta (optional). Sharara suit sets are constructed using materials like organza, georgette cotton or chanderi to meet various use cases.

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Lehenga Style Salwar Suit Sets

different types of suit sets

Lehenga-style salwar suits are truly one of the prettiest types. Their charming appearance and modern aesthetic appeal has many women falling head over heels for this style, which pairs a short, embroidered kurta with a full-length pleated lehenga skirt for an eye-catching ensemble that is certain to turn heads at any Indian wedding or reception. Ideal for special events like weddings, reception parties and festivals as well.

Adorable Gharara Salwar Suit Styles

types of salwar suits designs

Gharara Style Salwar Suits combine tradition and charm in one alluring ensemble, making a striking impression at any gathering. Their striking pants often boast intricate embroidery or patterns that add visual interest and enhance their charm. Recently this style has made a stunning comeback featuring plain kameezes paired with extra flared gharara trousers- wide-legged trousers-ensuring maximum visual impact at every event.

For those in search of different salwar designs, this latest salwar suit style may be an ideal compromise between comfort and elegance. A timeless choice back in fashion.

Effortless Afghani Salwar Style Suit 

different types of salwar suit designs

Trending in the salwar kameez industry, this style features a pleated bottom with a slim, short kurta. This design pattern offers an eclectic blend of traditional and modern style. Afghan fashion can be seen reflected in billowy pleated pants accompanying this outfit; not only do these feature graceful drapes, but vibrant prints, embroideries, and tassels as well! This type of salwar suit design offers one way to add elegance wherever you go.

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Gorgeous Straight Cut Style Salwar

different types of salwar suit designs

Straight-cut salwar suits are timeless ensembles that exude both elegance and simplicity. Boasting a linear silhouette, their top (kameez) offers a sophisticated and sleek appearance with their straight line top (kameez). This quintessential salwar suit features a long straight kurta that extends down past the knees or lower.

One of the latest styles that can add flare to your fashion game is pairing this look with either matching or contrasting salwar bottoms and complementary dupattas. Traditionally they’re worn with tight-fitted tight trouser bottoms featuring gathers around their ankles – or with tight-fitting trousers known as churidar bottoms).

Exquisite Frock Salwar Suit Style:

different types of salwar suit

Of all the different salwar designs, the frock salwar suit stands out as an innovative style that adds a playful and youthful element to ethnic fashion. It features a short kurta that flares out at the midsection resembling a frock; making an impressionable fashion statement! Though there are various suits available for ladies seeking a vibrant salwar kameez pattern, this one stands out as being particularly suitable due to its blend of cultural aesthetics and contemporary designs.

 Special Angrakha Style Suit Sets 

different types of salwar suit

Angrakha suit sets are one of the oldest forms of salwar suits, dating back to history. Women have long appreciated them. An Angrakha suit set consists of a long, flowing tunic fastened at the waist with either a sash or drawstring. These mostly come in V-necklines fastened by buttons, hooks or ties as a design element of its V-neckline; optional features may include long, short or three quarter-length sleeves depending on design considerations; usually combined with normal pants/churidar and a dupatta for an overall look.

Emerging Jacket Salwar Suit Style

different types of suit sets

Jacket-style salwar kameez suits are highly revered among ladies worldwide for the lavish and sophisticated appearance they bring to an outfit. A long jacket pairs perfectly with short kameez for an attractive ensemble; choose your jacket length accordingly. Furthermore, those looking for contemporary or unique designs will find many jacket-style salwar kameez designs suitable.

Special High Low Salwar Suit Style

different types of suit sets

Indian online stores provide different types of suit sets and high low anarkali options, ranging from one-of-a-kind handmade pieces to vintage treasures just waiting to be loved again.

These different types of salwar suit designs allow you to showcase your legs with an Anarkali suit featuring a c-cut design, giving it a modern flair while remaining classic in its look. The shorter front hemline and longer rear add an interesting modern flair that adds style and distinction.

How Can I Style Different Salwar Suits for Multiple Occasions?

Here are some styling suggestions for your different types of salwar suit designs for various occasions:

  • Traditional Occasions: You can wear an Anarkali or a Sharara suit set to a traditional occasion like a wedding or festival. It can be worn with designer jewelry, such as a necklace, pair of earrings, or bangles. For the last touch, consider heels and a handbag. You can choose a classic hairstyle for your hair, like a bun or a braid.
  • Casual Occasions: For a casual occasion, you can choose a cotton or linen Straight or A-line salwar suit set. Put on flats or sandals and basic jewelry like studs to complete the look. Simple hairstyles like a braid or ponytail are appropriate. A dupatta can be added to add a touch of tradition.
  • Party Wear: For a party, you can wear an Anarkali or Angrakha salwar suit set that has embroidery or embellishments. You can wear it with heels and striking jewelry, such as a necklace and earrings. You have a choice of two different hairstyles for your hair: curly or smooth.


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