Different Types of Sarees for Women in India (Traditional & Designer)

Designer sarees are a symbol of our culture and traditions that define our India. Their timeless elegance make them irresistibly lovely attire that we all enjoy wearing. Designer Sarees have long been considered an iconic piece of Indian attire and its many varieties can be seen across the country. While their standard six yard drape can vary widely depending on which variety is being worn, Sarees are one timeless ethnic piece which have remained fashionable over time.

Based on materials used, drape style, and its story woven between its folds, let’s discover various types of Sarees and names that will have you searching through your mom’s closet for different styles to try on yourself!

Checkout different types of sarees with us and explore its meaning and various types. Your next wedding will surely be stylish and memorable as you show off our cultural pieces of clothing!

Different Types of Saree Styles Suitable for Each Woman in 2024

Here are 15 types of sarees you should immediately incorporate into your wardrobe in 2024.

1. Pre Stitched Sarees

Different Types of Sarees

For anyone wanting to avoid the hassle of actually draping sarees, pre stitched sarees with pleats at the front and an attached pallu can be an ideal option. These come equipped with blouses of various sleeve lengths which can even be altered according to personal taste for neck styles or back designs.

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2. Gown Sarees

Different Types of Sarees for Women

This unique hybrid of ethnic sarees and western gowns has quickly become one of the go-to looks for modern women. Combining an elegant gown style skirt with graceful pallu and blouse combinations for an alluring appearance – Gown Sarees have quickly become one of the go-to looks for the modern woman!

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3. Ruffled Sarees

Different Types of Sarees designs

Ruffled sarees were an eye-catching trend during the retro era and have made an incredible comeback today, offering classic appeal with layers upon layers of ruffles adorning its skirt and pallu. Now available at stores worldwide as solid, printed or embellished options, these beauties boast timeless appeal!

4. Skirt Sarees

Different Types of Sarees styles

As their name implies, skirt sarees feature an optional skirt-like lower portion that you can pull over your waist to create the classic saree look without needing to spend extra effort in draping it. When combined with an elegant pallu, this will give you all of the benefits associated with traditional sarees in just minutes!

5. Sarees with Dupatta

Different Types of Sarees

These elegant yet comfortable sarees feature an attached dupatta to add an elegant element. Available in maxi lengths in fabrics like net, chiffon and cotton silk sarees; they make for stylish yet comfortable wear.

6. Embroidered Sarees

Different Types of Sarees for women

Embroidery has become an integral part of the ethnic fashion industry. You’ll find some of the most intricate embroidery adorning cotton and silk sarees such as Banarasi, Chikankari, Gota sarees. Each features vibrant embroideries in vibrant colors, complemented by elegant fabrics.

7. Embellished Sarees

Different Types of Sarees Designs

Embellishments are one of the best ways to add flair and sparkle to a saree decoration, often seen on Kasu, Bandhani, pattu or other types of pattu sarees. Embellishments typically consist of mirror work, beads or sequins set off against beautiful fabrics and shades for a stunning aesthetic effect.

8. Dhoti Sarees

Different Types of Sarees Designs

Dhoti sarees from Maharashtra make an exceptional addition to any collection. Boasting an unconventional dhoti-style bottom instead of the more conventional skirt or gown-like flow, these comfortable pieces complete your Maharashtrian look and come complete with their own attached pallu or dupatta for the complete Maharashtrian experience.

9. Lehenga Sarees

Different Types of Sarees

Combining popular ethnic saree and lehenga choli items, lehenga sarees make an elegant combination. Boasting multi-layered skirts that drape gracefully behind you and an adjustable long dupatta that can be worn various ways, lehenga sarees are classic must-haves that you can learn how to wear at weddings, receptions, festive celebrations, or other special events from mom, aunts or even friends!

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10. Solid Sarees

Different Types of Sarees

Solid sarees provide an elegant contrast to printed or multi-coloured options; their sole hue makes for versatile wearability in multiple ways, from dressing them up with accessories to wearing them casually for the minimalistic look. Don’t overlook their timeless beauty!

11. Baluchari Sarees

Different Types of Sarees

West Bengal, India is famous for producing Baluchari sarees that feature intricate handwoven designs made with silk. These elegant garments can be found in different colors and designs that range from mythological scenes to floral patterns – often worn at weddings, festivals, and cultural events as a symbol of West Bengali cultural heritage.

12. Chanderi Sarees

Types of sarees

Chanderi sarees are popular traditional Indian sarees renowned for their graceful appearance and light texture. Originating from Chanderi town in Madhya Pradesh and made using a blend of silk and cotton fabric, their elegant designs draw inspiration from nature while their striking patterns bring life. Chanderi sarees boast subtle sheen perfect for traditional looks as well as cotton silk blends making them versatile options that suit many occasions.

13. Organza Sarees from Banaras

Types of Sarees for women

Organza sarees are beautiful traditional Indian garments that exude grace and sophistication. Crafted from lightweight organza fabric that gives this saree its elegant and graceful style, organza wedding sarees have long been known for their sophisticated beauty and delicate appeal. Constructed using silk or synthetic fibres woven finely together to give this high quality fabric its sheer style as well as shimmer effect when reflecting light, adding glamour to an already exquisite outfit.

14. Chiffon Sarees

Different Types of Sarees

Chiffon sarees are lightweight and breathable, making them an ideal outfit for summer. Constructed using both natural and synthetic fibres, their sheer appeal is unparalleled. Most are decorated with elaborate beadwork which gives a slimming effect on black hues; lavender hued ones may feature the latest saree blouse designs for added flair!

15. Ajrakh Sarees

Different Types of Sarees Designs

Ajrak silk sarees are exquisite garments that showcase the rich cultural traditions of Sindhi communities across India, known for their intricate designs and vibrant hues made possible through natural plant dyes derived from plants or minerals. Wearing one as an ensemble guest outfit will give you a memorable presence at any event or function.

16. Leheriya Sarees

Different Types of Sarees Styles

Leheriya Sarees of Rajasthan are famous in India’s Rajasthan state. Derived from Rajasthani word leheriya meaning waves, these vibrant tie-dyed sarees feature wave patterns which resemble water movement when worn and make an excellent choice for festivals, cultural events and social gatherings.

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What Are My Options When Draping Different Types of Sarees?

Draping techniques vary with the materials and designs of each saree; styles include lehenga style, mermaid style, belt style butterfly neck drape dhoti Mumtaz style etc.

Which saree styles are currently in vogue?

The latest trends in sarees strike a balance between fashion and traditional patterns. This includes designs, like silk sarees, chiffon organza, ombre variations, intricate embroidery and more.


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