How To Look Slim In Saree: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Sarees are the beautiful garments worn by women across the world. Wearing sarees for weddings, events, festivals play an important part of Indian culture. They come in colorful with rich embroidery work or just a plain set. By wearing a designer sarees you may look like a queen but the question is how to look slim in a saree? Following simple and few tips can help you learn how to wear a saree to look slim. When it comes to how to look slim in a saree, select the right saree draping style like ‘Bengali style drape’ or ‘Gujarati style drape’. All you need is to be a little careful while selecting the type of saree and wear it in the right manner. To look slim in saree or beautiful, follow and read this blog completely

Here are Some Simple Steps To Look Slim In Saree

Choose Drapes With Thin Borders To Look Slimmer In A Saree

Thick borders will add unnecessary bulk and make you appear heavier than you actually are – no one wants that! If you want a style with borders, opt for slimmer ones instead – these will look more interesting while simultaneously helping make you appear taller!

Style Your Pallu Right side

Discovering how to drape a saree to look slim requires practice and practice alone. Involve your mother if possible for advice; she knows exactly how best to highlight your outfit by choosing an ideal pallu drape; otherwise try other techniques such as the reverse-pallu or infinity drape to draw attention away from your torso area.

Select The Right and Soft Fabric

Fabric selection can play an essential part in helping you look slim in a saree. If you want an outfit that slimming, accentuate your curves and gives you a petite and slender appearance then lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, georgette and crepe should be your first considerations as these tend to give an illusion of being boxy rather than creating curves like heavy fabrics like silk may do.

Softness & Subtle Charm

Since looking slim is on your agenda, choose an understated look that won’t draw unnecessary attention to problem spots. So let your natural femininity shine bright.

Drape It Tight and Neat

 While there may not be many specific rules pertaining to draping – its final outcome can often depend upon it – our minds often wander from this key step when choosing how we pleat and wear our ensembles.

These draping tips will give you a headstart – avoid very long sarees as more fabric means heavier garments; therefore, stick to 5.45 meters as the optimal length.

Tie your petticoat just above navel level – neither too tight nor too loose is preferable. Make several medium-sized pleats and arrange and smoothen them evenly from top to bottom, using your hands. While tucking the pleats, ensure they are slightly towards the side of your navel.

Pallus look best when left draping freely around your shoulders and arms, though folding it into three or four pleats should suffice if desired. Establishing the ideal drape to compliment your body takes practice – so keep at it!

Carry Yourself Confidently

For you to look beautiful, you must feel beautiful. Your body language must project stability and confidence for an appearance of poised poisedness.

Overthinking imperfections will only lead to feeling self-conscious, leading to more anxiety than beauty! Instead, walk with relaxed shoulders and stomach pulled in slightly – however be wary of over squeezing your stomach so much it becomes distracting!

Stay relaxed as you walk, pulling in your stomach but without overstretching yourself! Also, ignore negative comments made about you from others; being confident about yourself and body will instantly enhance the way you appear!


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