15+ Latest Types of Maang Tikka Designs for This Wedding Season 2024

Maang Tikka and Matha Patti played a role in bridal adornment ceremonies in 2024. From gold embellishments to tassels and artistic floral patterns, maang tikka was an essential element. Maang tikka, whether referred to as Matha Patti, Passa, or Head Chains, holds importance in bridal looks as it enhances features. Regardless of their style, whether delicate or large and bold maang tikka designs always captivate us with their charm! 

Mirraw Luxe takes pride in inspiring our readers, and 2024 was no exception. We witnessed weddings featuring brides adorned with stunning bridal lehengas, captivating bridal makeup, chic cocktail outfits, and mesmerizing mehendi outfits and hairstyles. The real brides we encountered throughout 2023 gracefully showcased a variety of maang tikka

After covering the Haldi outfit ideas seen at weddings during 2024 in our Wedding Outfit article series, we were amazed by the incredible diversity. Hence, we decided to present a roundup of brides wearing styles of maang tikkas in 2024!

List of 15 Types of Maang Tikka and Matha Patti Designs for Stylish Brides

  • Sheeshphool Tikka or Maang Tikka with Sheeshphool
  •  Chand Tikka
  • Borla
  • Complex Matha Patti
  • Passa
  • Minimal Meenakari Maang Tikka
  • Kundan Maang Tikka
  • Minimalist Maang Tikka
  • Single Strand Maang Tikka
  • Stone and Diamond Maang Tikka
  • Most elaborate Maang Tikka
  • Double Stranded Maang Tikka
  • Multiple Strands

  1. Sheeshphool Tikka or Maang Tikka with Sheeshphoolt
  2. Wedding season 2023 has seen brides opt for sheeshphool with maangtikka, and we support it! Adding an innovative edge to the traditional mang tikka designs, it would make an excellent addition to modern brides’ bridal jewelry sets.

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  3. Chand Tikka
  4. Types of Maang Tikka

    This timeless design has long been popular, as evidenced by many brides opting for it in 2024. Typically featuring stunning pearl and polki accents that add sophistication and beauty, this choice is one of the top choices available to them.

  5. Borla
  6. Types of Maang Tikka

    This beautiful maang tikka from the Marwari community brings an air of elegance and royalty to any Rajput bride’s attire. Meenakari stonework allows this traditional accessory to come to life, adding its signature sparkle.

  7. Complex Matha Patti
  8. Types of Maang Tikka

    Both Sabyasachi brides looked their most stunning in exquisite uncut diamond matha patti designs featuring intricate work – making this stunning ensemble an eye-catcher! 2024 took notice and enjoyed witnessing its presence as part of our society! We love this one for its slight variations from those above! It features an incredible strand design!

  9. Passa
  10. Types of Maang Tikka

    A traditional ornament worn by Muslim/Sikh brides, a passa can add an air of royalty. Worn alongside their maang tikka on the left side of their heads, this pair completes their look of royalty.

  11. Minimal Meenakari Maang Tikka
  12. Types of Maang Tikka

    We found an unusual maang tikka on one of our real brides in 2024 – just look at those eye-catching tassels! So gorgeous.

  13. Kundan Maang Tikka
  14. Types of Maang Tikka

    Kundan maang tikkas have long been used as part of bridal sringar traditions. Adding this exquisite ornament adorned with uncut diamonds adds the perfect touch of elegance to your wedding look!

  15. Minimalist Maang Tikka
  16. Types of Maang Tikka

    Are you an unconventional bride who appreciates minimalism? This bride will surely enchant with her simple maang tikka. Adding just a dash of tradition, these petite maang tikkas work perfectly for those brides looking for simplicity in their bridal ensembles.

  17. Single Strand Maang Tikka
  18. Types of Maang Tikka

    These extremely fashionable matha pattis, featuring one strand and an ajna chakra, make for stunning maang tikkas!

  19. Stone and Diamond Maang Tikka
  20. Types of Maang Tikka

    Diamonds may be this bride’s best friend, so her maang tikka should reflect that! With diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires all set within it to complete its elegant design and make her shine!

  21. Most Elaborate Maang Tikka
  22. Types of Maang Tikka

    This stunning matha patti surely deserves to take its rightful place among our best designs section – being seen worn on real brides in 2023!

  23. Double Stranded Maang Tikka
  24. This maang tikka is slightly more luxurious than its single-strand counterpart and sits across the bride’s forehead to give her an air of elegance!

  25. Multiple Strands Maang Tikka
Types of Maang Tikka

Our favorite part about this multiple-strand maang tikka is how it beautifully wraps the crown of the bride’s head to create a truly incredible look.

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