Different Types of Blazers : Your Ultimate Guide

There are types of blazers and multiple ways of styling blazers for men. Blazers can add flair and sophistication to casual or formal ensembles alike, adding depth of character. In particular, classic jackets such as blazers can give a great mix-and-match aesthetic when worn with modern casual elements.

Nowadays, blazers are no longer exclusively the province of officials but can also be seen worn casually by men. There has been an enormous surge in demand for casual blazers for parties, events or weddings and more than ever there are so many aspects that make up an effective casual blazer such as color, pattern style and fitting to consider when finding one that is ideal.

As fashionable types for mens blazers are constantly evolving, there are various trendy ways to style one. I recommend styling your blazer in stylish combinations that provide you with an impressive appearance.

Why wait any longer? Get different types of blazers for men now – it will give you an edge among others.

5 Different Types of Blazer for Men for Weddings

  • Cotton Blazer 
  • Linen Blazer
  • Textured Blazer Set 
  • Maroon Embroidered Blazer
  • Formal Blazer

  1. Pomcha Jaipur Fiza Red Cotton Sharara Set
  2. Different Types of Blazers

    Cotton is a lightweight and breathable fabric ideal for warmer climates. Try this mayank modi fashions black cotton blazer. The green printed details give a retro look when you adorn it. This features fancy and printed designs that make you look stylish and charming. This blazer is comfortable for special events like parties, weddings, events and family functions, and gets togethers for a fancy yet sophisticated look. You can add a fancy brooch, belt and shoes to add additional charm to this outfit. Mayank modi fashions offer various types of men’s blazers & full sets that look sharp and fashionable at any event. 

  3. Linen Blazer
  4. Different Types of Blazers

    Linen blazers give off an air of sophistication when you wear and complete any look effortlessly. Mirraw luxe offer study by janak designer blue & gray stripe two button coat, made with cacciopoli italian fabrics with a linen & wool blend and trousers made in poly wool fabric. This elegant blue and gray linen coat and trouser set is an impressive outfit that is perfect for offices and formal meetings. Blazer has gray stripes with two buttons and it makes an eye-catching appearance. The trousers are made from poly wool fabric. Wearing this set will leave you looking stylish. For an extra professional look you can add loafers, shirt cufflinks and formal blazers. 

  5. Textured Blazer Set
  6. Different Types of Blazers

    Textured blazers are jackets with an eye-catching fabric texture. These blazer sets are fashionable options for every special event. The blazer is light brown in color making this outfit suitable for parties, events and reunions. This blazer is made with a twill texture linen and paired with a contrast trouser making a complete set. This blazer is available in numerous colors. These fashionable pieces can add flair and comfort and pair it with pants and shirt for a fashionable look. You can also try different types of blazer with various accessories for and stunning yet sophisticated looks.

  7. Maroon Embroidered Blazer
  8. Different Types of Blazers

    Maroon embroidered blazers are chic jackets suitable for special events, crafted in deep red maroon; it features intricately designed embroidery stitched onto it for extra flair. This blazer is a perfect blend of style and adds a sophisticated look. It is made of machine embroidery in silver and floral patterns. This blazer ensures a comfortable fit and impeccable style. 

  9. Formal Blazer
Different Types of Blazers

Formal blazers are jackets designed to make you look your best when attending special occasions, typically made of high-quality fabric in solid colors like black, navy blue or gray. Formal blazers feature neat design features like buttons on the front and pockets for storage – ideal for weddings, parties, school events and family gatherings where looking sharp and stylish are essential components of success. Our latest and different types of blazers, the collar less shimmer blazer! Designed to elevate your style with its elegant and modern features. The collarless design adds contemporary charm while naple satin fabric creates a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. Mirraw Luxe offers an extensive range of different types of blazers for men for all types of occasions on our platform effortlessly.

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