12 Types of Footwear for Women in 2024

Every woman wants a wide selection of sandals, shoes & slippers in her closet. Your footwear choices have an important impact on your fashion statement; picking out just the right pair can completely transform an outfit by adding both comfort and fashion elements. Women have numerous shoe options available to them from sandals and slippers through heels to flats; each offering something stylish. Shoes truly transform an ordinary outfit into an eye-catching masterpiece – like magic foot coverings that feel like they’re walking on air or down a runway! There are different types of footwear for ladies that can make them look stylish from sandals to slippers, to heels to flats. This blog explores various types of women’s footwear, focusing on their designs, styles, and comfort features. If you are searching for sandals or shoes that combine comfort with style and aesthetic appeal then keep reading to gain knowledge on women’s footwear types!

12 Different Types of Footwear With Names & Pictures

  • Two Strap Sandals
  • Strap Heels
  • Embroidery Wedges
  • Juttis
  • Flates
  • Block Heels
  • Mules
  • Kitten Heels
  • Criss Cross
  • Sliders
  • Pearl Kolhapuris
  • Gladiator sandals

  1. Two Strap Sandals
  2. Two strap sandals make an excellent option when searching for types of footwear for women. Two strap sandals feature two wide cross straps that cross over the foot and slip on styles which are perfect for everyday wear. These white wedges are made with delicate embroidery detailing work that overlaps on the wedge heels. Sandals have open toe style and come with a soft cushion lining which makes it extremely comfortable and can be worn for too long hours.

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  3. Strap Sandals
  4. Types of Footwear

    Strap sandals are open shoes with straps at your feet for a secure, comfortable type of footwear. This pair goes with both traditional and western wear. It is made of Artificial leather which comes with a pearly strap and a soft cushion lining which makes it extremely comfortable. These strapped sandals can be worn on saree or kurtis which gives a beautiful and gorgeous look.

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  5. Embroidery Wedges
  6. Types of Footwear

    Embroidery wedges are stylish sandals featuring a raised heel with an east slope. Featuring a pair of hand embroidered multi colored wedges in silk base with thread embroidery and pita work. These wedges are beautiful stitched in designs to add an eye-catching and fancy touch to any special events. The heels are 4 inches which are made of leather soles. 

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  7. Juttis
  8. Types of Footwear for Women

    Juttis are extremely popular types of footwear among Indian womens. Juttis features a flat sole with an enclosed front that’s typically made of leather with extensive metallic embroidery work. These juttis have a beautiful flower elevating the entire look of jutti. The background is made of floral thread embroidery which is decorated with knots and pearls. 

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  9. Flats
  10. Types of Footwear

    Flats are a type of shoe with no heels, making us feel extremely comfortable and easy to walk in. They are available in various styles and colors, flats are great options for school, casual outings or parties basically any occasion where you want to look nice while remaining comfortable. Black flats are made from rubber fabric and are fully cushioned. 

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  11. Block Heels
  12. Types of Footwear for Women

    Block heels are the most comfortable type of footwear due to their shape and side sole. If the footwear doesn’t have any pointed toes it means they don’t hurt your feet and can be worn comfortably throughout the day without any irritation. Pair your jeans, tunics, and dresses with block heels for great support and comfort all day long. 

  13. Mules
  14. Types of Footwear

    Mules sandals are an open back shoe style without heel straps which are perfect for comfortable and elegant wear. Their shape makes mule shoes an excellent option and fashionable wear. Pair your cropped jeans or dress with Mules and types of footwear at wedding ceremonies or special events. 

  15. Kitten Heels
  16. Types of Footwear for Women

    The term kitten heel refers to very low heels with heel heights between 1.5-2 inches, typically closed or open-toed styles. They look great with formal wear. In terms of girls’ footwear names, kitten heels are popular choices that provide relief for women who find high heels uncomfortable to wear.

  17. Criss Cross
  18. Types of Footwear

    Criss-cross flats come in many different colors and materials such as leather or fabric to match any outfit, making them easy to put on and take off with no trouble at all. Their criss-cross straps make taking off putting on easy while also offering style and comfort in equal measures – ideal for walking around all day long in style and comfort! 

  19. Sliders
  20. Types of Footwear for Women

    Sliders are backless and open-toed flat sandals featuring one wide strap wrapped just above the instep of each shoe. Sliders have become one of the most commonly worn casual summer shoes for women due to the comfortable pair. These types of women’s footwear are soft and comfy for your feet.

  21. Pearl Kolhapuris
  22. Types of Footwear for Women

    Pearl Kolhapuri are one of the most beloved forms of Indian footwear, hailing from Kolhapur district of Maharashtra and featuring open-toed style sandals with an open circle around their big toe and wide strap across their instep, which ends in a T-shaped strap forming. Our White Pearl Kolhapuri flats are versatile pairs that compliment both traditional and western silhouettes open Toe Style and comes with a soft cushion lining which makes extremely comfortable and can be worn for long hours. 

  23. Gladiator Sandals

Roman-style sandals are a common type of women’s footwear. With their flat sole and wide straps that crisscross all the way up to the sole, Roman-style sandals make an excellent look everyday when you wear it for college or any other special events. 

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