10 Different Types Of Indian Dresses for Women

There was a time where Indian dresses were not in a trending position. People wear sarees everyday and have casual wear. But nowadays we find many different kinds of indian dresses which are in trend. They are designed in detailed embroidery work, beadwork, sequins and other embellishments to make them stand out in the crowd. These dresses make us look smart and  amazingly gorgeous  in these Indian dresses. Nowadays it has become a habit of the traditional Indian dresses that are offered by designers and women’s love to wear them. Thanks to famous designers and craftsmens for presenting so many different types of Indian dresses. You can also customize these exquisite ensembles with accessories such as dupattas to add an additional layer of elegance. Like other outfits, here in this article we will explore different types of Indian dresses for women that we can customize styles and patterns accordingly – stay tuned!

10 Different Types of Indian Wear Name & Images

  • Sarees
  • Lehengas
  • Salwar Suits
  • Sharara Set
  • Gowns
  • Kurta Palazzo Set
  • Gharara Sets
  • Dhoti Sets
  • Anarkali Suits
  • Indo-Western Sets

  1. Saree
  2. Saree is one of the key pieces in Indian culture and can be worn in numerous styles and patterns, made from various fabrics like silk, chiffon and cotton. Every region has their own style for donning this garment such as banarasi saree from Varanasi which is known for its intricate designs and luxurious fabric. Furthermore, party wear sarees such as organza cotton chiffon banarasi bandhani kanjeevaram etc are available as party wear options as well.

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  3. Lehengas
  4. Different Types Of Indian Dresses

    Lehengas is a traditional outfit which is often worn by Indians on special occasions like weddings, celebrations and festivals. They are decorated with embroidery work, beads and sequins which gives a gorgeous and attractive look when you wear it on any occasion. Lehengas can be worn in different styles like draping dupatta on the one side and add some accessories like maang tikka, necklace and earrings to complete your look. 

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  5. Salwar Suits
  6. different types of indian outfits

    Salwar suit is the most comfortable wear for women casually consists of three parts like salwar, kameez and dupatta. Indian clothes can be constructed using various fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette and chiffon to produce Indian outfits in many colors and patterns. There are different types of Indian outfits like anarkali suits, Punjabi suits, Angrakha suits and Patiala suits which people like wearing due to their comfort when worn. Working womens prefer to wear salwar suits as they may get many styles and patterns in this to wear. 

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  7. Sharara Set
  8. different types of indian outfits

    Sharara suits have become one of the trendiest ethnic wear options for women today, making a bold statement with every wear. Their variety includes long tops paired with wide legged pants and heavy embroidery on the dupatta which gives an especially eye-catching effect when worn at special events or occasions. There are different types of Indian dresses featuring similar characteristics – long skirts with tops that flow freely and long tops paired with tight pants – making sharara suits ideal for everyday use or special events alike!

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  9. Gowns
  10. types of indian outfits

    Gowns are flowing and comfortable outfits designed to put the wearer at ease when worn. Gowns can be seen worn at special events like parties, weddings and formal functions in India such as parties, weddings and formal functions; different fabrics including cotton silk satin are often used with sequins adorning its fabric surface for embellishments all over. Gowns can even be enhanced further by accessorizing with diamond necklaces, heels or sandals to achieve an exquisite and captivating look.

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  11. Kurta Palazzo Set
  12. types of indian outfits

    The Kurta Palazzo set is one of the most comfortable Indian outfits. Featuring loose fitting tops that fall to just below the knee and wide-legged pants that flow with every step, it makes this set ideal for casual wear, schoolwear or semi-formal events – be it casual, school or semi formal occasions! These different types of indian outfits can be made of fabrics like cotton for everyday wear or silk or chiffon for special events.

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  13. Gharara Set
  14. Gharara comes with a short top and wide legged flowy pants or skirts which feels comfortable. You may get different types of gharara suits like hand embroidery work suits, Pakistani gharara suits, georgette gharara suits etc. Add some accessories like a necklace and bracelets to complete your look. 

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  15. Dhoti Set
  16. different kinds of indian dresses

    A Dhoti set consists of two pieces, a long and wide kurta with asymmetrical shaping and long pants tied at the ankle for ease. Dhoti pants may feature embroidery work, sequins, or beads that create stunning effects; loose draped pants with wraparound designs complete the ensemble to complete this stunning ensemble that can be worn daily as casual attire as well as for special events and occasions.

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  17. Anarkali Suits
  18. Different Types Of Indian Dresses

    Anarkali suit remains an iconic and trendy fashion in this classic world that never goes out of style, it grows more beautiful and versatile with the trendy fashion. Anarkali suits remain a mainstay on runways worldwide and remain favorites of Indian fashion designers. There are many different types of anarkali such as floor length anarkali, jacket anarkali, layered anarkali etc. To complete the anarkali look add some accessories like jewelry, footwear and bag which makes a stylish statement on any occasion. 

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  19. Indo western Sets
Different Types Of Indian Dresses

Indo-Western sets blend Indian and Western styles for an eye-catching appearance. These ensembles can include outfits that combine Indian and Western elements like kurtis with jeans, crop tops with skirts, tunics with leggings made of cotton or silk fabric with embroidery or sequin embellishment and tunics with leggings made of cotton or silk fabric featuring embroidery or sequin embellishment; further enhanced with accessories like jewelry or stylish footwear to complete this beautiful and appealing ensemble.

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