5 Latest Saree Trends of the Year 2024

2024 has already begun and with so many weddings happening and also festivals coming up, you have to have your fashion game on point! So if you are looking for some saree inspiration, you have come to the right destination. But, why sarees? It has always been a staple in Indian fashion. This is one fabric that’s so versatile. A designer sarees can make you look like a traditional diva or even drop-dead sexy! It’s all about the way you drape it!
To help you slay and elevate your fashion quotient, we have listed down a few of the latest saree trends that are stealing the show this 2024. From playful frills to sexy blouses, this blog covers it all! So if you wish to don the ‘desi girl’ look this wedding season, read on!

It’s all about fusion!

Slay into every event you walk in. Make everyone envy by playing on frills and tiers. Enjoy the flattering, free-flowing nature of these latest sarees. There is so much to choose from, sharara sarees, ruffles and more to add a modern twist to your look. Psst…there are pant-style sarees, too! So, dance to your heart’s content without worrying about the drape coming off. Here are a few latest saree trends to add to your cart!

Check out 5 Latest Sarees Trends to Follow in 2024

Organza Sarees

Few things never go out of style, no matter how many decades pass. Don’t you agree? An enchanting organza saree sculpted with magnificent embroideries would be almost unbeatable. Embroideries are created in vibrant and mesmerizing colour tones because of their contemporary root and essence. No matter what, an organza saree will always have a special place in your closet.

Leheriya Sarees

The uniqueness of Indian handicrafts is enthralling. Leheriya’s vividness and distinctiveness contribute to its allure. Leheriya is an ancient craft form with roots in the colourful and marvelous state of Rajasthan. You will be astounded by the diverse range of art forms the state has to offer and it is fair to say that Leheriya is one of the most renowned and popular crafts

Net Sarees

If you want to show off some skin, a net silk saree is a must-have in your wardrobe. Net sarees have been adorned with fascinating embellishments to make them an obvious choice for luxurious and traditional functions. The sarees feature beautiful ethnic work like zari, cutting-edge design, and sequins. Here are a few from our latest saree trends collection!

The Traditional Silk Sarees

Stay true to your roots and yet make the heads turn with the traditional silk weaves. Sarees in the south of India are typically colourful and have a gold or colored border. Match it with a vibrant blouse, wear it with traditional gold jewelry and you’re ready to rock the wedding!

Concept Sarees

This season, pleatless concept sarees are being worn with stunning designer tops. If making pleats in a saree isn’t your thing, opt for one of these stylish pleatless sarees.

These easy-to-wear sarees give you a relaxed look. They are not difficult to wear and, surprisingly, easier to carry because you don’t have to worry about handling the pallu or managing the falling pleats. Here are a few options by Chamee & Palak.

So, this year, own up the six yards of pure elegance with latest saree trends. Embrace your inner fashionista with these looks and you are sure to have all eyes on you. For more style inspiration, visit www.mirrawluxe.com.


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